So what if you could just find money?

Certainly you can earn money through your paycheck from your employment. One can get money from passive income streams, which is arguably even better; such as:- stock market, real-estate etc.). But what if you could just find money? I’m somewhat embarrassed to say that I do this on a daily basis. That’s right each and every day I find money!!

I like to go for a walk each day. I usually walk for about an hour a day. I accomplish three things in doing so: 1) by walking I get some exercise; 2) to I listen to a podcast (usually Choosefi), learn Spanish or Tagalog (I am a huge fan of the Pimsluer Method); 3) I find money!!
 One day I found this lamp in a dumpster with a bunch of change stuck to it.  And yes, I chipped off every coin. 
 I also found a car radiator water pressure testing kit in that same dumpster. 

I usually walk in an area where I am assured to find some change. Sometimes it’s a subdivision; sometimes it’s a parking lot. But each and every day I find money. These moments, as crazy as this may sound, are very spiritual for me. When (not if, but when) I find my penny, quarter, dime or nickel, I take a moment to pray a prayer of thanksgiving and gratitude. Finding my coin is a daily reminder of the abundance in which we live. That God will always provide. The found coins are also a reminder that I will always have everything that I need. It is true that my finds do not provide enough for me to live on.  Yet these tokens to me, represent the Divine Providence of God, and they are powerful daily reminders to be grateful and to give thanks for all that I have in my life.

So after I find my penny or coin for the day (along with all the other change I acquire throughout the day) I pop it all in a Ziploc bag at night. At the end of the month I take my Ziploc bag of change to the coin machine. There is no charge for this service at the credit union and saves me the time to roll up this loose change!
Each month I bank between $10 and $40 in change.
In effect the universe pays me for taking a walk, listening to my Choosefi podcast or learning more language and reminding me to be grateful. Isn’t life remarkable?

So in answer to the question: “Can you actually find money? In my mind it is not simply a question. It is my daily reality. I have literally hundreds of photographs of me (technically my hand) holding my daily find… 
In the spirit of Paige HargroveTHE UNIVERSE WILL PROVIDE!


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