LUCK? Plan your Work and Work your Plan. Fish On!


Plan your Work and Work you Plan.  Fish On!

I don't believe in luck. I have come to believe that people use the term “luck” to explain how things (sometimes really fantastic wonderful things) happen to people are somehow trying to justify or console others (even self) why some things happen to some people and not to others. It was interesting to me to hear my favorite definition of luck on the Choosefipodcast episode 063R with Scott Trench (aka the Trenchenator). The definition presented by the Trenchenator: “Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity.” I first heard this quote years ago from Oprah Winfrey, who make this definition rather popular. I am reasonably sure Oprah did not coin this phrase; but I am too lazy to track down who did.

I am a word guy. The word preparation comes from the Latin root “parare” meaning to make ready. The prefix “pre” means before.  The suffix “tion” always means process. Preparation then is the process we go through to make ready before the event (for that event). To prepare food is to do intentional things to food to make it ready for consumption. To make preparations for a weeding is take some very carefully thought out actions to make ready for the couples’ special day!  So we plan the event, we cannot plan the outcome! The outcome may come off as planned, but not necessarily so.

Opportunity is more about positioning oneself in an environment or place that enhances the odds of achieving the desired goal. The root of the word “opportunity” is also Latin. “Ob” means toward, and “portus” means port. Opportunity then means: “favorable juncture of circumstances”.

 So as some of you know I like to fish offshore. Ok, I love deep-sea fishing. It is definitely one of the major passions in my life. I know this sounds arrogant, (it even sounds arrogant in my ears when I say this) yet I have no intention of being arrogant when I say: “We Don’t Go Fishing; We Go Catching”. When it comes to fishing I definitely plan my work. I am super meticulous about my gear! My beautiful Japanese Shimano reels are routinely serviced and maintained. Bearings are replaced and I spool up my reels with new line each and every year. I buy good hooks. If I am Bluefin tuna fishing these individual owner hooks go for about a dollar apiece.  Depending on the species we are targeting I bring different jigs and gear. To go fishing, I am well prepared. As I am fond of saying: “Have gear, will travel!”

To get on the fish I go out on charters and fish with friends on private boats.  I go with people who are experts at what they do. They know their boats and are accomplished with their electronics. These boat captains know where and how to find fish.  And then we get “lucky”.

When a captain tells me we are on fish, the opportunity has presented itself.  I am well prepared to catch fish. My rods and reels are ready and my knots are carefully tied and my hooks are sharp.  When the rod bends and I am on a big fish and grateful that I am well prepared and that I once again have to opportunity to land a fish.  My odds are better than average to achieve this goal. 

It is no different with finances.  Plan your work (in this case your financial future) and work your plan.  Stay the course and do not get all caught up (did you see what I did there) with the hype around you.  When someone sees your net worth and comments: “Man you sure are lucky to have that nest-egg” smile and nod and perhaps say something to the effect of: “I guess I am just a lucky guy”; knowing full well, luck has nothing at all to do with it.

If you are in San Diego and want to go offshore catching, gimme a shout.  I have the gear and am well prepared.  If the opportunity presents itself (as if so often does)... we should have a great day on the big water.  FISH-ON!


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