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As for me and my house(-hold) we will ....

Staying the course with my guy Joshua It was a time in the history of Israel when there were a number of fads/philosophies that became popular. The simple belief in an all powerful Creator was not as attractive to many folk as it had once been. Flying in the face of the many popular traditions springing up, the great military general Joshua spoke with great conviction: "As for me and my house, we will follow the Lord".
The point here is that Joshua believed in a system that worked. Simple reliance on a Power greater than himself had always been a part of his life.  It was his design for living; tried, trusted and true.  And when the tough times happened, he stayed the course.
On January 10th, 2018 I hit a personal FI milestone. I crossed the 10 times my Annual Salary ($70K) and hit $701K.  I was delighted over the next few days to watch my Net Worth climb to around 720K. Then came the crash! Ok in truth it was more of a market-correction than a true crash. I watched as my NW…

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