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Ancient Egypt, Food Supply and Savings Rates

Aquatic Bovine, Silos and Retirement
It started with this guy in prison, named Joe. Not only was Joe a dreamer himself, he also had a gift to understand and interpret dreams. Another part of this story involves a great King, Ramsey II - river god, and king of all Egypt. Turns out this pharaoh had a problem. He had a dream that no one could understand or  interpret. It came to pharaoh's attention that there was this prisoner Joe, being held in on trumped up charges of molestation and attempted rape.  Joe had the ability to interpret dreams. Perhaps this Joseph fellow might be able to help. So the Nile-river-god sent for Joseph. When Joe arrived at the royal court he was told about the king's dream. A most unusual dream indeed. In this dream seven robust aquatic bovine walked out of the Nile river. 
The Karabaw are a domesticated water buffalo native to the Philippine Islands 
After a time, seven pretty pathetic scrawny looking cows appeared and walked out of the river.  Then in a…